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I am living like a cavewoman in Amsterdam for a year. Say what? Yes. I know it’s crazy. But I think it will be awesome! I am eating, sleeping, running, moving, and laughing like our early ancestors did.

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I’m staying in my house in Amsterdam, because I want to show which of the habits from 40.000 years ago are still useful today. Those habits could be an example for our contemporary life, as I think it’s important to question what your own society teaches you.

I ran a trial session for 100 days – here you can see some results of that.
The 100 days were great and not enough to try everything I wanted to try. Thanks to many many people I was able to raise enough money by crowdfunding. So there’s no way back now! These are the habits I will try in the year. This whole experiment will result in a book and a documentary.

Have a look around this website and let me know what you think!

Marianne van Dijk

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