Test #1 What a year of barefoot walking did with my feet

18 sep

A year ago podologist Vroenhoven told me I walk too much on the outer sides of my feet. And that if I kept walking barefoot, I might start feeling that in my forefoot, achilles heel, hips, or back. I was a little worried hearing this back then. What happened in the year that followed? I […]

Minimal shoes test for barefoot experience: Feelmax Aapa

3 sep

Want to enjoy the advantages of running or walking barefoot, but prefer some protection? Minimal shoes might be your new best friend. I’ve tried this Finnish brand called Feelmax.   I prefer running barefoot, but when doing other kinds of outdoor training in winter time sometimes I need more warmth. I tried the Feelmax Aapa […]

New rule: training barefoot for official run

19 mei

 Why run barefoot? I like running barefoot because it gives a sense of freedom, the kind that you may have experienced when taking of your shoes on a beach walk. After my feet got stronger it became really pleasant for my skin to feel the ground. And I haven’t suffered from my knee, like I […]


5 mei

Using soft toilet paper is worse than driving a hummer in terms of carbon footprint. So this week I’m campaigning for a more natural solution that I’ve tested for almost a year now. Why toilet paper is evil 1. Production, wrapping, shipping Production, wrapping and shipping makes using especially soft toilet paper worse than driving […]

Why I’ll eat less meat than paleo diet says

15 apr

Paleo-antropologist Paul Storm says it’s hard to say how much meat we used to eat in prehistoric times. We only know that the colder the region, the larger the amounts. Even though the contemporary paleo diet emphasizes to adjust things to your own body, most sample menus recommend eating meat every day, even the one […]

Make lipstick from red clay

14 apr

I promised I would let you know how to succesfully make a natural red lipstick, since my last one turned into plain lipbalm, which is great but doesn’t work if you’re like me and sometimes want to look like a crossover between a French actress from the fourties and Wilma Flintstone. So here is the […]

The – ‘I wish I had a penis’ – PMS relief.

9 apr

When I have PMS I usually take it out on my plants as I’m too polite to abuse other people. But buying new plants every month is no fun either. So  if you don’t want to use birth control pills and such, there are several natural ways to feel relaxed and lessen cramps, of which […]

homemade lipbalm you can eat

3 apr

  I was going to make lipstick, following a recipe using homemade beet root powder as a way to colour it, but  I ended up with lip balm with little bits in it. A regular kitchen machine doesn’t create very fine powder. I read that all veggies are water soluble, and this doesn’t mix well […]

How to create a natural perfume or massage oil

1 apr

If you’re like me and you don’t like strong, chemical perfumes, but you do wanna smell nice, blending essential oils might be interesting for you. It’s a lot harder than I thought to get a  nice scent, but I figured out a short cut that takes only 3 minutes! I’ll give the long version as […]

Healthy homemade deodorant

27 mrt

My deodorizing tip for you should have been to eat well. Ever since I started this project, my sweat hardly gets smelly anymore. I often forget to use deodorant and it doesn’t matter. I believe everything that comes out of your body smells better if you are healthy, but let’s not get into details – […]