What about Wilma female Cro magnon looked like

This is what Cro-Magnons may have looked like.

I’ve chosen the species of homo sapiens living about 40.000 years ago as my example. They were called Cro-Magnons, after the founder of remains of them in a cave in France.

I’ll add a new rule every week. Some activities will be done for a period of time, such as living without a phone.


Rules with ✔ are the ones that I do already.


✔ 1. I will eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

✔ 2. Food will be organic and seasonal as much as possible.

What about Wilma food prehistoric

✔ 3. I will search for edible plants in the city. Probably that won’t be enough to survive on, so I will buy some food too.

4. I will find out if it’s possible to kill an animal myself, or to get as close as possible to this. I’m thinking of 2 steps:
a) join a contemporary hunter and see how he or she works
b) try to kill an animal (chicken?) myself.

✔ 5. I will eat as much according to the ‘nose-to-tail’ principle, which means I will try organs and stuff as well.

✔ 6. I will try insects and tell you which ones are nicest.

✔ 7. As we’ve been cooking for over 500.000 years, my food won’t necesarily be raw.

✔ 8. I’ll eat with my hands (exception: soup).

✔ 9. When friends come by that have trouble eating what I eat I’ll prepare them something different. Cavewomen don’t want their friends to be hungry!


✔ 1. I will walk barefoot 90% of the time.

✔ 2.I will walk 9 km a day. This is the average distance female homo sapiens walked back then.

Cavewoman what about Wilma (2)

3.I will learn how to run barefoot and work towards an official run.

✔ 5. I will use my muscles in a way that resembles the work-out of 40.000 years ago. I’m working with a fitness instructor who knows how.

✔ 6. Only work-out outdoors.

✔ 7. Within Amsterdam I’ll walk everything. In order to visit friends and family further away I can use bike or train, as I think keeping in touch with relatives is key in prehistoric times.

Rhythm of the day

✔ 1. Sleeping when it gets dark, although homo sapiens had always had fire, so I won’t need to be super-strict with this.


✔ 2. I’ll sleep in my flat in Amsterdam, which will be transformed into a contemporary cave.

3. I might sleep on my roof terrace though and try to sleep outside on the earth’s surface as that is supposed to be healthy.

✔ 4. Being outside at least 3 hours a day.

✔ 4. No clocks for a whole week! Learn to look at the sun. In order not to lose my job or friends I’ll be asking people to call me some time ahead of an appointment so I won’t be late. I’ll keep my calendar.


✔ 1. No electricity. Except for washing machine, laptop and phone. I will have laptop- an phonefree weeks, and once a week I’ll have a laptop- and phonefree day.


✔ 2. I can use my phone. But only as a phone and in order to tweet for this project. No google maps, no apps.


Personal care

✔ 1. Not using any contemporary care products
Including shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, and toilet paper..yep. Exceptions: condoms and probably tampons.


✔ 2. Showering is allowed
Cavewomen don’t want their friends to run away from their stinky armpits…but the water needs to be cold.

✔ 3. I won’t shave.
Although I feel like I can’t walk around with hair on my bare legs. And I find it interesting that this silly thing is so hard to let go.

4. Mirror only used as an observation tool for the project.
In order to see how my face is doing, once a week or so.

✔ 5. I can wear regular clothing.
I’d get a lot of attention wearing only furry things.  Not the kind of attention that would add anything to the project. So for now I’ll stick to my regular outfits.


Mental and social stuff

1. Living in the now.
I imagine Wilma would be less occupied by the future and the past compared to contemporary homo sapiens. Although one of the features of early homo sapiens was their ability to plan ahead, she would not be bothered by, for example, the question what should be the next step in her career.

✔ 2. Getting rid of being afraid in the dark.
Wilma  couldn’t afford to be as scared in the dark as I happen to be. I’m only afraid inside of the house though. Which I think is odd.

3. I will get to know the people in my street, as Wilma would probably know who lives around here.


4. I will look for a cavepartner (without using internet dating!).

✔ 5. Entertaining myself like Wilma would: I will learn how to tell stories

✔ 6. I will make a cavewall painting.

✔ 7. As the oldest musical instruments stem from that time, I’ll also explore what  the music of that time may have sounded like.


  There are two wild cards that I can use for doing something highly UNprehistoric. For example if there is a medical emergency.

*Rules can be adjusted if I learn new things about Wilma’s life*

The people I love and my health are the most important things that I have. So if those are compromised, I will adjust the rules or stop. Which doesn’t mean that it’s not supposed to get tough sometimes, just like any life does.

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