International Power Shower Week Gallery

11 nov


The cold shower has never been a biggy for me. After 2 weeks I was used to it and after 3 I even started to like it. Then I found out it’s actually great for your health. It apparently improves your immune system, skin and a lot more.

I also calculated how much it saves in termes of water and energy if you do it for a week:
-170 litres of water (assuming cold shower takes 2 instead of 10 minutes)
-9,31 KwH energy, which is the same as not using your computer this week for 46 hours.

giant rubber duckAnd it saves about 2 euro’s on water and energy. You can buy a rubber duck of that.

So I decided it would be cool to convince more people to come over to the cold side..So far, people from the Netherlands, Belgium, England and US have joined. Awesome!

Please send pics of your face before/in the middle of/right after the Power Shower for the gallery! Also mention your favourite shower song. Here’s mine:



Marianne, Amsterdam, ‘Anything Goes’ by Ella Fitzgerald



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