Rules for week 1

1 mei

I´ll take new steps each week. These are the rules that apply in the first week.


What about Wilma eating with hands1. I will eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

2. I’ll drink purified water or mineral water.
Maybe Ill come up with a way of making it resemble prehistoric water even more.

3. I don’t need to harvest my own food.
I would need much more preparation for that and I’m way too eager to start.

4. Food will be organic and seasonal as much as possible.
Vegetables that can be eaten raw will not be cooked. Nuts are to be eaten raw as well.

5. I’ll eat whenever I’m hungry.
And stop when I’m full. So no special ‘mealtime’.

6. I won’t cut up food if I can use my teeth or nails. I’ll eat with my hands.

Rhythm of the day
What about Wilma telling time readingsun

1. Sleeping when it’s dark, getting up when it’s light.
A nap in daylight is fine.

2. I’ll sleep in my flat in Amsterdam. Apparently it’s a myth that homo sapiens lived in caves. I might sleep on my roof terrace though.


No electricity
Except for washing machine, laptop and phone.

Personal care

1. Not using any contemporary care products
Including shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant..yep. Exceptions: condoms and probably tampons.

What about Wilma drinking water with hands2. Showering is allowed
Cavewomen don’t want their friends to run away from their stinky armpits…but the water needs to be cold.

3. I can wear regular clothing.
I’d get a lot of attention wearing only furry things.  Not the kind of attention that would add anything to the project. So for now I’ll stick to my regular outfits.

There are three wild cards that I can use in these 100 days for doing something highly UNprehistoric. The first one I’ll use for a flight to Prague for a holiday with my mother and brother. The rest I don’t know yet.

The people I love and my health are the most important things that I have. So if one of those is compromised, I will adjust the rules or stop. Which doesn’t mean that it’s not supposed to get tough sometimes, just like any life does.


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