Test: the best tasting insect (video)

3 feb

  If you’d like to buy edible insects, you can check Insectable, that’s where I got them.

Who would like to edit the monthly What about Wilma video?

29 jan

Call for help from the prehistoric era: who would like to edit the monthly What about Wilma video? I’m looking for someone who knows how/has the tools to make smooth transitions and add pictures or music so the videos will be more informative & entertaining. The frequency will be about once a month and the […]

The edible insects have arrived!

27 jan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I keep thinking they might start moving – so far in the process these fellows still give me the creeps. But I’m also starting to get curious to find out about the taste of the buffalo worms, grasshoppers and meal worms. And somehow it puts me at ease to know that they are cultivated […]

New rule week 15: eating insects

21 jan

There are 1400 kinds of insects that are edible for us humans. I’ve never tried one, but it’s quite likely that hunter-gatherers did. This week I will be nibbling on some of our tiny friends and see if they are tasty, healthy and a sustainable alternative for other kinds of food. Last Friday the Dutch […]

Check my TEdx talk about living like a cavewoman

17 jan

A dreadful digital detox

15 jan

  From the beginning of this project, people laughed when I said I was blogging about living like a cavewoman. So I promised I would go offline ánd without a phone for 30 days. ‘It can’t be that hard’, I thought. My flatmate is happy to borrow my laptop, as hers is broken. For me […]

I’m wearing shoes again

10 dec

Last week, after some cold days, two of my toes started to act weirdly. They are swollen and they haven’t gotten back to normal. It’s not serious, they don’t hurt, but I noticed how fast this goes without really noticing, as you start to feel less when it gets cold. It made me realise I […]

30 days without phone and computer

9 dec

Of all Europeans, the Dutch spend the most time online, by visiting an average of  3515 pages per person each month. Last summer I wanted to know what it’s like to be without Facebook and Google, so I had a period without phone or internet, a digital detox as they call it. That had some […]

Results from cavelab: bone marrow could be the new caviar

27 nov

A week ago it seemed like dog food to me, but now I’m convinced bone marrow might become the new fancy party snack. If not, it’s at least really healthy and the most easy to prepare of all offal foods. First of all, these are some of the health benefits of bone marrow: *It helps […]

New rule week 7: no clock for 14 days

25 nov

  If I’m very tired in the evening, the first thing I do is to check the time. I want to know whether I’m allowed to go to bed. If I’m hungry, the first thing I do is to check the time. I want to know if I’m allowed to eat. And if I’m at […]