How to create a natural perfume or massage oil

1 apr

If you’re like me and you don’t like strong, chemical perfumes, but you do wanna smell nice, blending essential oils might be interesting for you. It’s a lot harder than I thought to get a  nice scent, but I figured out a short cut that takes only 3 minutes! I’ll give the long version as […]

Healthy homemade deodorant

27 mrt

My deodorizing tip for you should have been to eat well. Ever since I started this project, my sweat hardly gets smelly anymore. I often forget to use deodorant and it doesn’t matter. I believe everything that comes out of your body smells better if you are healthy, but let’s not get into details – […]

Homemade toothpaste in two minutes

26 mrt

Ever googled the ingredients of your toothpaste? Apparently many of them are not so healthy. Since I didn’t find any scientific research on this I’m not sure the doses you take in with toothpaste is really problematic, but since homemade toothpaste is healthy for certain, I would go for that anyway.  Hunter gatherers apparently used […]

The 5 best prehistoric beauty products

24 mrt

If you want to be clean and pretty by using products that: -contain nothing more than natural ingredients -you can create at home within 5 minutes -are cheaper than the store bought product stay tuned. In Paleolithic times we already used beauty products: fossil combs, make-up residue and teeth-cleaning tools have been found. Besides, there […]

Mental and physical results of fasting seven days

17 mrt

  What I did I’ve fasted for seven days, the first two I only drank water and the four remaining days I took juices. Before fasting you usually take a week to prepare your body by leaving out any animal products. After the fast you need to build up your diet again by adding more […]

Will I go barefoot again or not? + solution for every identity crisis

12 mrt

Last couple of days I really felt like going barefoot again, but didn’t have enough courage yet. Today I feel like I do have the energy to answer/ignore questions I get about it. But. I wanna do it differently than the 7 months I went barefoot last year. I think I’ve tested long enough to […]

How to create a (trial) standing desk

5 mrt

Ergonomics you might want to take into account:  You can use whatever you have: books, boxes, drawer units, book shelves, cats…               

New habit: why sitting less is healthy

4 mrt

How many hours a day do you sit? If you usually sit over 6 hours a day you might want to hear the benefits of standing more. I’ve asked paleo-anthropologist Paul Storm and there’s no definite proof about how much we sat as hunter-gatherers. Looking at contemporary hunter-gatherers though, I think it’s safe to say […]

5 reasons why insects are healthy

12 feb

Since there are so many species of insects it’s hard to say in general what their nutritional value is. A little like trying to say something about the nutritional value of veggies in general. But still there are some things one can say about what makes them a healthy option. 1. High in protein If […]

How to prepare grasshoppers: ginger & lime marinade in salad

10 feb

Freeze dried Grasshoppers are ok to eat without any preparation as you may have seen in this video, but they are a little dry. I have a cookbook with some recipes, but none of them are paleo – lots of pastas and such. But I did find a great idea for a marinade in it, […]