What about Wilma in press

Wilma likes media



Altijd wat, NCRV, December 24th, 2013
Vanthilt on Tour
, Belgian live show, August 11, 2013
NOS op 3
, (go to 06:45), national news program that visited to make a reportage, May 3
Vandaag de dag, national news show, May 6.
Rtv-NH, Van Zuks dus, show on local channel, May 21


Radio 1, Dit is de dag, studio talk together with other guests, August 22
Giel Beelen, 3FM, (go to 167:00) interview, August 21
BNR nieuwsradio, interview in studio, August 16.
Radio Noord-Holland
, reportage (click on the item at 7:00, then go to 48:24), August 12
Belgium Radio VRT
, made a reportage, June 18.
Spijkers met Koppen, (go to 10:04) VARA, national radio, interview, May 4
Radio 2, Radio Kranenbarg, national radio, interview, May 2
Funx, national radio focusing on young urban people, May 7
Radio Noord-Holland, (go to 51:40), local radio, May 6.


JAN, reportage, January 2014
, interview, August 21
Noord-Hollands Dagblad, interview, August 12
Het nieuwsblad, Belgian newspaper, reportage, June 22
De Morgen, Belgian newspaper, reportage, June 18
Trouw, national newspaper, reportage, June 4
Telegraaf, national newspaper held an interview on day 1, May 8
VIVA, women’s magazine, May 22
Kidsweek, newspaper for children aged 7-12
7days, newspaper for youngsters aged 12-17


TED talk, november 2013
, Amsterdam local newspaper, August 12
Parool, Amsterdam local newspaper, interviewed me on day 1, May 2

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