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Photography: Pim Geerts 


I’m thirty, I’m a woman, and I’m not from the paleolithic era. I’m from the Netherlands, that didn’t exist 40.000 years ago. I studied philosophy, then I became a journalist writing about philosophy for a magazine. I am still writing and I like it. But sometimes I get a bit tired of thinking. I want to go out and do some hunting – mainly for food.

I stopped eating sugar a year ago, just like that. I don’t know why, it seemed like a good idea. After that I also quit eating grains, gluten in general and dairy. They call it the paleo diet. Sometimes I cheated, but most of the time I stuck to it. It was nice. I got rid of most of my acne. And I had a lot more energy: I used to think I was a morning person, because at 4 or maybe even after lunch I tended to get this brainfog. Now I’m energetic all day.

What else should you know about me? I love mindfulness. I’m training to become a mindfulness teacher. I’d like to make the whole world mindful. Less war, and so on. I’m a babysitter for two kids aged four and six. Oh yes, and I like to laugh. If you make me laugh I’ll start loving you.


The team

MilanMilan Collin from Academy Award nominated Deepeei Productions will produce the documentary about the year. Deepeei makes films about ‘daring expeditions, inquisitive minds and environmental solutions’. To me, Milan suggests becoming friends with the camera I’ll be using myself and to tell her everything…

HuibHuibert Alexander van Wijk from Eskimofilms is the director of the documentary. Graduated from the school of arts in Utrecht, he makes films that ‘show the beauty of tiny things and the shadow side of big things.’



Pim Geerts took the pictures in the header of the blog. He’s a photograper that aims to capture people in a pure and unaffected way, preferrably on the street instead of a studio.

What about Wilma Gent Vranovci



The webdesign and logo are done by Gent Vranovci. He is able to translate my words into images. He’s also quite direct and told me in a direct manner I need to get more direct. Working on it, Gent.


Thomas Heij
is the guy I call when I panic about technical and esthetical failure of the blog. Quick and trustworthy, he guides the blog over seas of defect plugins.
What about Wilma Hermien Lankhorst


The ever-reliable editor Hermien Lankhorst is a close friend. She polishes my text without wiping me out of it. Has worked with me ever since I became a philosophy journalist.



MerijnCultural antropologist and marketing pro Merijn van Stralen understood what Wilma was about in 2 seconds. He had new people on board for the project in 2 days. He´s the man with a 1000 talents. His motto: ‘What box? There is no box’.



What about Wilma Freek DiephuisFreek Diephuis did the filming and editing of the trailer. Down-to-earth videoprofessional who thinks I´m insane, but managed to nail the video in no time anyway.




..and there are many many others who asked me questions, critisized and encouraged me. Thanks!

So. Who are you? Have you ever done something outrageous that turned out to be really wise?



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