100 days past – but there’s a new project!

10 aug


The 100 days have been quite a succes: lot’s of interesting results, lot’s of lovely followers, and lot’s of fun. But it is not over! There are exciting things to come:

1) Results. As you might have read in the preparation section, prior to the 100 days I’ve done a fitness test, I arm wrestled with a guy, and I did a vitamine test. I’ll repeat all of those tests next week and I’ll share some thoughts on the 100 days.

2) New project. As there are a lot of important habits that I haven’t tried, and as I think it is crucial to learn the long term – winter – effects of my activities, I decided I’d like to go for…

A whole year!

These are the themes I would like to focus on during that time. This is obviously not a complete list.
Which habits would you like me to explore? Please write your ideas in the comment section below!

I’d like to start in the beginning of september. In the meanwhile, I will stick to my rules, but not add any new ones. Tomorrow I’ll let you know what me and the Wilma team have been preparing for the year behind the scenes..so stay tuned!


Ideas for the year:

Diet: does it make you healthier to stay away from processed foods, refined sugar and the amounts of grain that we eat now? Will it make me feel good to eat according to the seasons and to regularly put offal on the menu, as hunter-gatherers did?

Exercise: what happens if you walk barefoot as much as they did?
Do you get fit more easily if you train outdoors instead of using fitness machines?
Can I train my eyes in such a way that I’m able to see better without glasses?

Social life: will it make you happier if you get to know all the people that live around you, like Wilma did? Do you feel closer to people if you have gadget-free weeks, in which you´ll visit friends instead of using phone or email to contact them?


Mental issues: did they live more in ‘the now’ in those times? Do you feel more relaxed if you don’t wake up by an alarm clock? Will becoming Wilma and not having electricity, cure my fear of the dark?

Love life: how did they find and approach a partner back then, and will it be a more successful strategy than my internet dating?

Work and skills: what´s it like to hunt? How hard is it to make your own fire?

Art and entertainment: what will I do in the days I don´t use internet? What´s it like to make a proper cavewall painting?

Personal care: if I don´t eat sugar, will it suffice to clean my teeth the way they did, without a regular tooth-brush? Can I use natural make-up?

Philosophy and spirituality: how would Wilma deal with questions that cannot be answered empirically, like how you should treat other people, what a meaningful life is, and how we relate to animals and nature?

What about Wilma Aurochs on cave painting ascaux_04

Apart from undertaking actions myself, I also have two team members who will suprise me with interventions. Wilma didn’t always know what was going to happen, so they will arrange for some unexpected events that will teach me the flexibility one might have needed in Palaeolithic times.

Proper research into the habits of early homo sapiens will be undertaken. I will regularly consult a palaeontologist and other experts.

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