Day 19. Low point. Violins, please.

19 mei

*the day after*

After a low, there’s usually learning. So these 3 things I learned after yesterdays sobby moment:

1) I’m not responsible for other people’s uneasyness. Not when it comes to barefootwalking, nor when it comes to other things in which I might be ‘different’.

2) Despite of people’s uneasyness I do want to make contact with them. If even just by looking back, smiling, or saying hi. The fact that people look means they are not careless, which is great. I want to make a sort of businesscards stating what I do, which I could give if somebody’s interested.

3) There are other people who get stares in the street – also by me – because, for example, they don’t have legs.  I chose this experiment, they didn’t choose their body. I am so thankful to HAVE feet.

I also would like to thank you all for sending me lovely messages after I posted the video. Your kindness is much appreciated.


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