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29 sep



Before the year I scored ok-ish in the fitness test. I was kind of an average starter. This week I did all the tests again. I’m really excited about the result, because the improvement was MAJOR!

For example: the shuttle run test, that measures your stamina. I did almost TWICE AS GOOD as in the beginning of the year! I went from 4,8 to 8,3. While running that at some point my trainer Coen shouted: now you’re at the level where you were in the beginning of the year! And I thought ‘huh? I’m not tired at all..’

The same went for the muscle strength, coordination and flexibility tests. As you can see in the notes down below that Coen made, my squats with arms raised went from 30 times to 100 times, the mountainclimber (in which you use your tummy muscles) went from 50 to 101 and shoulder pull ups..check it out:


Here are the official results compared to the beginning of the year:


Click to enlarge

All exercises taken together I had an improvement of  204 %. It really motivates me to keep doing sports in this way: outdoors, including all muscles and engaging with the environment.

If you’re curious about CAVEMAN training check Coen’s site! And let me know if you have any questions!


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