Test #2: blood, eyes, and mental tests

22 sep

testen mentaal en bloed

Eye vision

This wasn’t an official test for the year, but I happened to get an eye test and was quite surprised to hear that my sight improved this year! My prescription used to be -2,75 and now it’s -2,25. I can’t say for sure whether this is due to living more healthily..

'You think you look pretty cool, don't you?'

Mental tests

My memory turns out to be slightly better than a year ago, according to this test. Last year I made two mistakes and this year only one.


The memory test I did


I did the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire and my happiness turned out to be 4,7, which means ‘pretty happy’. When I did the test at the beginning of the year it was 5,2. Personally I feel it really depends on the day/moment how ‘happy’ I am. So I find the test not very useful. Maybe it does proof that I didn’t become completely UNhappy. You can do the test if you’d like to compare your happiness to mine.

Blood test


My blood waiting to get tested


I got my blood tested at Testjegezondheid. Almost all results were the same as in the beginning of the year! Probably this is due to the fact that I was already eating paleo back then. Three measurements are worth mentioning:

1. Potassium levels were higher than the optimum level.

This was quite striking to me. Potassium has to do with your fluid balance. Heightened levels can be a symptom of kidney problems, amongst other things. It is always possible that the measurement is incorrect, so maybe it’s useful to have it checked again.


2. Hemoglobin a bit higher than in the beginning of the year
Hemoglobin transports oxygen. A deficiency may point to anemia – so it’s ok that it’s higher.

3. LDL cholesterol increased a bit compared to beginning of the year
LDL-cholesterol is being called the bad cholesterol, as it’s the one that can clog the arteries. My levels are within the optimum levels still.

All in all I’m most surprised by my eyes and by the heightened Potassium levels, if anyone has an idea on what the causes might be, I’d love to hear it.

Up next is my fitness test!



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