New rule: training barefoot for official run

19 mei

 Why run barefoot?barefoot run
I like running barefoot because it gives a sense of freedom, the kind that you may have experienced when taking of your shoes on a beach walk. After my feet got stronger it became really pleasant for my skin to feel the ground. And I haven’t suffered from my knee, like I usually did when running. Here you can read some research on the pros and cons of barefoot running.

The first official run that I’ll join
Due to the car accident I had last winter, sofar I haven’t been able to train for an official run, as I intended at the start of the year. But now I’m ready, and excited as I’ll join a colour run on the 5th of July of 4,5 km, which is 2,8 miles. Together with my coach Ruth Langemeijer! Right now I’m able to run about 2 kilometres at a very slow pace, it takes me about 20 minutes. So there is some work to do.

blankcolorrunIf you’d like to try barefoot running or running in so called minimal shoes, stay tuned as I’ll let you know how I train.

So far, I don’t think any of the videos I saw on barefoot running is accurate or complete, let me know if you’ve seen one that is explaining the technique properly.

And let me know if you’re joining this colour run in Amersfoort as well!



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