Why I’ll eat less meat than paleo diet says

15 apr

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Paleo-antropologist Paul Storm says it’s hard to say how much meat we used to eat in prehistoric times. We only know that the colder the region, the larger the amounts.

Even though the contemporary paleo diet emphasizes to adjust things to your own body, most sample menus recommend eating meat every day, even the one on my favourite paleo website. I’ve been eating meat for about four times a week during my two years of paleo eating, in portions of about 250 grams. But over the past couple of months I’ve changed my opinion on this.

I don’t feel good about the fact that eating meat is an out of proportionally big detriment to the environment: it’s about the same as owning a car and driving it for 4000 kilometres a year.


I definitely reduced my carbon foot print by not consuming dairy and other processed food and drinks:


 But it feels like meat kind of cancels this out. People ask me more and more about how to do the paleo diet, and this is not the example that I want to make.

Also, I’m not so sure the amounts of red meat I consume are healthy. The majority of research seems to show that there is a clear link between consuming lots of red meat (5 ounce/ 140 gram a day) and cancer.  They recommend to eat no more than 100 grams red meat twice a week. I will be consuming less, I’m thinking of 100 grams of meat a week. Actually I’ve already been doing this for the past month.



Since I don’t consume gluten, dairy, or sugar, this sounds like a challenge. This is how I do it: I’m still eating fish and eggs,  and I’ve increased the amount of calorie-rich veggies, such as: sweet potatoes, pumpkin, olives, avocodos, and mushrooms. I’m also eating more seeds, like pine nuts and sesame seeds. And I eat more seaweed now as it contains lots of vitamin B12 and omega-3 – it’s the best meat and fish-replacement in my opinion. So far I love it and I don’t miss the meat.


Might try this for real

Note: I would really like to try raw meat though. I’ve had this weird experience after my fast, when I tried meat for the first time. I was grilling the meat and somehow the smell was as though the meat was.. I felt like I really shouldn’t eat the meat, but what was weirder, I felt like I should eat raw meat. I’ll have to figure out how to do this safely, obviously.




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