The – ‘I wish I had a penis’ – PMS relief.

9 apr

When I have PMS I usually take it out on my plants as I’m too polite to abuse other people. But buying new plants every month is no fun either. So  if you don’t want to use birth control pills and such, there are several natural ways to feel relaxed and lessen cramps, of which I will discuss two.

2 great yoga exercises

Not sure people would call it ‘yoga’ in prehistoric times, but exercising was obviously more integrated in daily life. I found a gynacologist/yoga teacher who gives a 5 minute exercise that lowers your cortisol levels and reduces irritability. It actually helps.

She has a second one that’s good too. There are several longer videos with more extended exercises for PMS on Youtube.

2 great foods

If you suffer from PMS enormously, check if you have a deficiency in magnesium, calcium, omega 3, B6 and/or manganese. Eating food with high levels of these nutrients helps in keeping your mood stable, lessen sugar cravings and reduce cramps. There’s a website where you can search which of your favourite foods contain most of this stuff. Or just eat these foods that I think are the greatest:

1. fatty fish. For omega-3, B6 and calcium. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, take seaweed (that even contains lots of magnesium as well!).
2. nuts and seeds. for B6, manganese, calcium and magnesium.

Extra tip: herbs like thyme, dill, parsley and mint contain many of the PMS-relieving nutrients. Add them to your dishes or make tea of them (cafeine worsens PMS symptoms).


My sense of humor gets really bad as well around this time of the month

The best food to eat if you want to be moody, tired and with lots of cramps: refined sugar. So if you feel like eating chocolat: great, cuz it contains high levels of magnesium. But use one with natural sugars. I LOVE Ombar (available online and at large Ecoplaza stores), freaking expensive, but I don’t notice these things when I’m having PMS anyway so too bad for my bank account.

Last but not least: it’s best to have a great diet throughout the month instead of waiting for PMS time, but then again, every little bit helps and worrying makes things worse as well, so relax for now and enjoy (?) your days.

p.s. Dear men. In my opinion you also have the right to be irritable or moody or wanting to eat chocolate on whatever day of the month. Actually the tips are about how to lower cortisol levels and maintain good hormone balances in general, they work just as great for men who want to be relaxed and stable (when their girlfriend is having a mental breakdown).

Have some tips for other (wo)men? Share them here!

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