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My deodorizing tip for you should have been to eat well. Ever since I started this project, my sweat hardly gets smelly anymore. I often forget to use deodorant and it doesn’t matter. I believe everything that comes out of your body smells better if you are healthy, but let’s not get into details – I was going to give you tips that you can do in 5 minutes and I suppose eating well takes a lot more time.

 Why regular deodorant may be harmful

Regular deodorant usually contains some nasty stuff, here you can read the possible dangers
of spray deodorant
of anti-perspirant deodorant

I’ve tried natural deodorant, by a brand named Weleda, but it didn’t work so well and I didn’t like the smell either.

Homemade deodorant

I’ve used homemade deodorant before I started this project and I still use it whenever I want to be absolutely sure I don’t smell – if I have an interview or something. It works great! I’ve even read a post from a woman who was very sweaty during pregnancy and this recipe even worked well for her.

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The ingredients

You need coconut oil and baking powder. If you read my toothpaste recipe this might sound familiar – it’s the same, except you might want to give it a different smell by using essential oils.

Personally I find that essential oils smell a bit muffy, like in a second hand store. Could be me, I like the smell of Robijn fabric softener. Maybe I should try other oils or mix them, which I will when I’ll be making the perfume later this week. Or maybe I’ll just make my own fabric softener!

How to make it
You mix baking powder and coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio and just put it in a jar. It will melt at temperatures above 24 C, so take a jar that closes well if you transport it. Or put it in the freezer for a while. It does not need to be refrigerated in order to stay fine.


Read where you can buy the ingredients in The Netherlands and the States.

Transitioning from regular to natural deodorant
If you can, give your body two to three weeks to do the transition, that is, postpone your conclusions of whether it works until after that. I’ve read on other blogs from folks that went straight from store bought deodorant to natural that it takes some time for their body to recover and smell good using only the natural deodorant.

In the meanwhile, just, ehm, stay at home and watch the video in which I let people sniff my armpits to test the smell..




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