The 5 best prehistoric beauty products

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If you want to be clean and pretty by using products that:

-contain nothing more than natural ingredients
-you can create at home within 5 minutes
-are cheaper than the store bought product

stay tuned.

In Paleolithic times we already used beauty products: fossil combs, make-up residue and teeth-cleaning tools have been found. Besides, there is hardly any animal that doesn’t clean and groom itself, for hygiene and in order to seduce animal-world-equivalents of Cameron Diaz – I suppose.


Me trying to look handsome at age 1

I used to be the kind of girl who would buy and belief all the beauty products promises. That is, for a week or two, until the product turned out to be no magic potion, and also no ticket to eternal happiness and higher freedom. Then I would get mad and by another product.

Since a year or two I try to only put stuff on my body that I would also put in my mouth. It’s a bit tricky, not only because sometimes you’ve already eaten the product before it’s able to reach your skin, but also because sometimes it WORKS IN HORRIBLE UNEXPECTED WAYS. For example if you wash your hair with egg and the temperature it just a bit too high (you boil the egg into white flakes that stick very well to your hair).

Products I will research

stone_age_22875That’s why I will do all the dangerous experimenting for you. This week I’ll post the best recipe of:

1. toothpaste
2. deodorant
3. shampoo
4. perfume
5. make-up (not sure yet what kind)

This is the minimal, more products might be added.

Maybe you have a request, or a suggestion for a recipe? Feel free to add it underneath this article.

Have a pretty spring week!



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