Mental and physical results of fasting seven days

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bietensapWhat I did

I’ve fasted for seven days, the first two I only drank water and the four remaining days I took juices. Before fasting you usually take a week to prepare your body by leaving out any animal products. After the fast you need to build up your diet again by adding more complex food day by day, which takes up to another seven days. I did all of these things. If you’d like to know exactly what I did, check out this book.


No more foot pain
The inflammation in my foot that I’ve had for the last three months is completely gone right now. No more pain! This could also partly be due to the fact that I gave my feet full rest for two days.

IMG_1155Weight loss
I’m guessing about 4 kg’s, but no one in my circle of friends seems to own a weight scale so I’m not sure…

Discovering which foods I’m sensitive to
If you suspect or know you have a food intolerance or allergy read this. I’ve figured out more about what foods I’m sensitive too. Sometimes a meal makes my nose drip or my eyes itch. But I’ve never known what the culprit was and have always been frustrated about my body not giving clear messages about what it is.

Now I realise that if you want a clear answer you need to ask a clear question. In the case of your body this means feeding things one by one, so your body can tell what a particular food does. Ever since I switched to juices in this fast, I noticed certain ones caused a burning mouth. As it turns out they call this oral allergy. It’s usually caused by raw fruits and veggies.ginseng

 I found out more people have had this on a juice diet as the concentration of the juiced food is so high. It’s already going better now that I’m taking solid food again.

If you suffer from any kind of allergies do check this article on a research that shows how some Asian roots like ginseng have been proven scientifically to be anti-allergic. If I decide to try these foods myself I’ll report whether they help.


I apologize for this picture

Better smelling sense
I have a dog’s smelling sense now. When I eat a mixed salad I get all these extreme smells. Which is not always a good thing: yesterday I was flirting with a guy on the street, but when he came about 1,5 metres close I could tell he had a bad breath…

Mental Clearness
Mentally I feel very clear. While fasting and resting I got all these insights about what I want to do with my career and other segments of my life. At least three issues that seemed to be stuck got resolved without me putting energy into it, until the point where I thought ‘Ok, can we stop now, I can’t keep up with all these ideas!’. In that sense the term ‘gut feeling’ has become interesting to me during this fast.

After reading horror stories online about what the liver pain I had could mean I got a bit scared. The allergy symptoms made me worry as well. I’m not sure I would fast again without supervision or some other way to inform me or console me. But in general I would definitely do it again as a way to retreat and rest and get clarity on important issues.

Do you have any experience fasting or would you like to try it? I’d love to hear it!

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