Will I go barefoot again or not? + solution for every identity crisis

12 mrt

FootHeels_10410_mLast couple of days I really felt like going barefoot again, but didn’t have enough courage yet. Today I feel like I do have the energy to answer/ignore questions I get about it. But.

I wanna do it differently than the 7 months I went barefoot last year. I think I’ve tested long enough to see what going barefoot does with your feet, body and social life, both the positive and the negative. I’m not sure what new results I could give you.

There is one thing however that I would like to research. I wanna see how much barefoot I actually WANT to go if it’s not a rule, and I want to see if it’s possible to alternate barefoot and shoes, without than opting for shoes all the time since it feels safer in social situations to me. I want to be free to wear shoes (read: high heels) whenever I want and go barefoot whenever I want. I’ll let you know whether this works: will it be barefooting to the office and wearing high heels there? Barefoot when I go out and sneakers when I go to bed? Is it possible to get a footwear-related identity crisis?

Speaking of that. If I would have THE solution to every identity crisis I would actually be making money now, but here’s my first thought: for me it has to do with letting go of labels, which make you think you have to chose between (in my case) being a barefooter or a fashionista, being gay or straight, being a blogger or a philosopher. Skip the verb ‘being’ and use the verb ‘behaving’: right now I’m behaving like a barefooter. Could be different tomorrow.

If your identity crisis is gone after reading this paragraph you owe me 100 euros.

Ideas on all of this are welcome as always!



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