How to prepare grasshoppers: ginger & lime marinade in salad

10 feb

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Freeze dried Grasshoppers are ok to eat without any preparation as you may have seen in this video, but they are a little dry. I have a cookbook with some recipes, but none of them are paleo – lots of pastas and such. But I did find a great idea for a marinade in it, I tweaked it a bit so it’s cavemen-proof.

So, would you like to know how to prepare grass hoppers delicious and fast? This recipe takes 30 minutes if you follow the long version, and 15 if you take the short route. And it’s so good, I was running around the house to see if there were any flatmates home to try it.  I find it boring to measure ingredients while cooking, I just add stuff and taste it, so I hope you’re ready for this cavemen-style cooking approach.

Ingredients for marinade:

-fresh ginger
-fresh chilli

Ingredients for salad:

-mixed salad
-red capsicum
I think carrot would taste great with the ginger as well.
-grass hoppers, as many as you like.


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1. Mix the ingredients for the marinade, it’s even better if you put them in a blender.
2. Remove the wings and legs from the grasshoppers and let them marinade for half an hour.
3. Strain the grass hoppers, keep the left over marinade.
4. Fry the grass hoppers on high heat for a minute or two and sprinkle salt on them after that.
5. If you’re in a hurry you can also use the marinade as a dressing and just fry the grass hoppers and salt them.
6. Chop the ingredients for the salad, add the grass hoppers and left over marinade.

Where to buy grass hoppers:
In the Netherlands you can get them at Insectable amongst others.
If you’re from the US check this overview of where to get them.
If you’re from UK you can buy them here.
Or google ‘edible insects’ for any other country.

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