I’m wearing shoes again

10 dec

cold feet

The two red toes on my left foot got a bit too cold

Last week, after some cold days, two of my toes started to act weirdly. They are swollen and they haven’t gotten back to normal. It’s not serious, they don’t hurt, but I noticed how fast this goes without really noticing, as you start to feel less when it gets cold.

It made me realise I had started a game of ‘let’s see how long I can be barefoot’, which is not what early homo sapiens would have done. I checked with paleo-antropologist Paul Storm and there is no proof of shoes existing 40.000 years ago, as leather disappears so easily. The earliest remains of shoes stem from 5.000 years ago. But, as Storm says, this doesn’t proof there were no shoes before that. Since animal skin was availabe for early homo sapiens, they may have used it if it got cold.


Luna sandals

Entirely leather soles would get worn out and torn to quickly on our asphalt roads. But those of you who read something about natural running know about minimal shoes, containing a very thin sole that enables you to feel the ground and adjust your step to that, and to land on your forefoot – which is possible in entirely leather shoes as well. I have ordered three really thin shoes from Feelmax and Luna sandals and Ill let you know in a month what I think of them. Oh right: I will still run barefoot if it’s not too cold, since your feet stay a lot warmer when running.







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