Results from cavelab: bone marrow could be the new caviar

27 nov


Bone marrow after preparation

A week ago it seemed like dog food to me, but now I’m convinced bone marrow might become the new fancy party snack. If not, it’s at least really healthy and the most easy to prepare of all offal foods.

First of all, these are some of the health benefits of bone marrow:

*It helps the immune system
*It’s one of the most effective remedies for the gut lining
*It improves brain function
*It helps maintaining healthy bones
*It speeds up the healing process of any injury or fracture.
and other benefits

Try looking charming while eating this, yourself!

Try looking charming while eating this, yourself!

My friend Inge was excited to try the marrow with me. All we had to do was to put them in the oven. No need to add oil – they contain enough fat themselves. After 15 minutes they are done.

These were our impressions:
Me: ‘They smell quite meaty’
Inge: ‘They look a little bit like worstenbroodjes’ (sausages in a roll).
Me: ‘It tastes like melted butter. But like really high quality butter.’
Inge: ‘It doesn’t have a lot of taste. But I think this could be the new fancy party snack, as it’s a little scary to eat. Like caviar.’
Me: ‘But cheaper.’

The only part that puts bone marrow more in the ‘spaghetti with red sauce’ category is the fact that sucking them out is actually the best way to eat them. It supports your inner cavemen but makes it virtuously impossible to have your opinions on Heidegger or your flirt attempts be taken seriously.

We concluded it might be better tasting with some more food, like the Italians do in Ossobuco. Or to put it on top of fish or mashed potatoes as gravy. I’ve got enough left from what I got from Taurus –  so I’ll let you know if I tried something more.

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