The Tedx challenge

23 nov

You probably know the concept of Tedx Talks and maybe you were even there to see mine yesterday in Leiden. This was right after my talk:

The Tedx video itself will be published here later, but if you were there you already know that I gave a challenge to you all at the end of my talk:

Leave out 1 product for 1 week

For example: leave out cutlery for one week and see if you experience your food differently. Or leave out refined sugar for one week and see if you feel more energised. Or come up with something yourself!

My question is to let me know what you will be leaving out for a week. Even better: send a picture of your experiment! I will collect all your data here. A lot of people came to tell me after my talk what they wanted to leave out, but I didn’t get your names so do let me know again what you’re planning to do and how you like it!


Marijn Wiersma leaves out cutlery with her whole family for one week.



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