Which fruits and veggies are most important to eat organic?

5 nov

Lots of pesticides if not organic

Lots of pesticides if not organic

If you want to eat like our ancestors did for health reasons, should your fruits and veggies be organic?

A Stanford meta analysis of 237 studies shows there is hardly any proof of health benefits of organic food when it comes to their nutritional value,  ‘though consumption of organic food can reduce the risk of pesticide exposure’. Scientists have conflicting ideas about the latter, as their aren’t any long term studies to show whether the levels of pesticides allowed by law are low enough to keep us healthy in the long run.

Fruits and veggies with most pesticides

If you’d wait for the long term study to appear you probably get rather hungry, so maybe it’s wise to take the middle road until that oniontime and at least avoid the most polluted fruits and veggies. This way you eat healthy ánd you save money by not needing to buy everything at the organice store.

I’ve looked at several studies on pesticides on food and the one by the Environmental Working Group’s seems most trustworthy, as they check pesticide residues of food every year and so get quite a representative list of what they call ‘the dirty dozen foods’. The group has estimated that individuals can reduce their exposure by 80% if they switch to organic when buying these 12 foods. They also mention which foods are least important to buy organic.


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I didn’t find any Dutch studies on which fruits and veggies are most polluted, maybe someone knows?



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