Test #4: am I fit enough to climb a tree?

4 okt


Coen Koch from Urban Caveman training took me to the Westerpark and the Houthaven port to do tests that will give an idea of my current fitness: my balance, coordination, strength, endurance, stamina..everything was tested with what we found in the area, like benches, a tree, a log lying around.

As I had not seen a gym or done any running for three months, I was a little afraid that I would totally suck. But it was enjoyable and I didn’t do that bad. You can see all the results in the image above. And Coen’s general verdict? He thinks I am ‘a little above the average starter’, when asked to give a mark he’d give me a 65 out of 100. So there’s room for improvement this year!

Only my balance was exceptionally well he said, so here’s a little proof of that:

Coen will train me during the year so we’ll repeat this test in some time to see whether the urban caveman training will improve my health and fitness.

And what about you? When’s the last time you climbed a tree?

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