Test #2: what the blood says

2 okt

@IMG_1243_CCFor the interpretation of my blood tests I went to see Doctor Kingma from Oosteinde Walborg Kliniek in Amsterdam who is specialised in check-ups, allergies, weight loss and more. A friend of mine recommended him as being interested in the effects of the paleo diet.

As I could see from the results myself as well, my health is generally good. I should mention that since I already ate more paleo than the average person for a year, this is not a valid baseline measurement. Still, I think it’s interesting to see the long term effects of completely living primal style for a year.

Two interesting things came to the fore:

1) My B12 levels were ok, but lower than one would expect given the fact that I’ve been eating meat a lot.

2) My cholesterol levels were amazingly good. In his 30 years of having a practice dr. Kingma had never had a patient with such healthy levels. Interesting fact: I’ve had three eggs a day for the past year. I knew that the idea that this is bad for your cholesterol is a myth, but it’s nice to have that confirmed.@IMG_1244_CC

And some great news: the doctor thought the experiment is so interesting he wants to run some extra tests, out of scientific interest and to have an even more complete overview.

If you’d like more info on doctor Kingma, he doesn’t have a website but you can reach him at info@mijnkliniek.nl.

Here you can see my tests (except for the vitamin and minerals). The grey zone indicates the optimum level, dark grey is ok, blue means something’s wrong. Now let’s see what the results are like in a year!

bloed A
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Bloed B
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With special thanks to Test je Gezondheid, that sponsored my tests.

Tomorrow test #3: I’ll let you know hoe my feet are doing according to the podologist!


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