Test #1: my mental state

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Halfway: thanks everyone! And 3 in particular.  - What about WilmaI never dared to do an IQ test because I’m scared of those assignments with lots of geometrical figures that require spatial abilities.

Luckily for me, in this project only aspects that might change over the year are interesting to measure. I don’t think my IQ is one of them. So I tested my level of happiness, my memory and my reaction time/cognitive flexibility today.



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I did the Oxford Happiness Questionaire, which consists of 29 questions on your wellbeing – you can see a sample of it in the image to the left. I’m not sure what happiness is and whether you can measure it, but I suppose this test does give some indication of how I feel right now, which I will compare to how I feel in a year’s time. The average person scores 4 on the scale from 1 to 6. My score was 5, 1724, which is categorised as ‘very happy’. That result made me very happy indeed. You can try the test too, it takes about 20 minutes.

Reaction time

stroop_test11The most famous test for your reaction time is the so called Stroop test, that shows you the name of a color, yet in a font that is not necesarily the same colour. Your task is to indicate the colour of the word, for example ‘red’ should make you push the ‘blue’ botton. Kind of confusing. The test measures your selective attention, cognitive flexibility and processing speed.

In the test that I tried it wasn’t clear how often I should perform the task of mentioning the colour, although there was a counting mechanism. After 500 times I got a bit tired, but I thought the test would not count if I stopped now. Wrong: the test didn’t stop. I went on and did it for stroop1000 times and found out that it would have been enough to stop earlier. I think I can say now that I’d score high on the mental test on ‘perseverance’.

The average result is shown by the blue line, lower scores are better. My result is circled in red. If you’d like to try the test and compare your score to mine, here is my exact result:


% correct

time (normal)

time (interfere)


anonymous 99.62 761.37 ms 982.08 ms 0 seconds ago



I think memory is not my strong point, I’m a bit chaotic, but maybe that’s not the same thing. I did a test in which I was asked to remember a number of letters that were flashed on the monitor for three seconds. I scored 95% correct, but there was no mentioning of what is average. I guess the most important question is how I will do in a year’s time. I did find this last test a bit short, if anyone knows of a better memory test I’d like to hear it.

Tomorrow: results of the blood test!


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