The experts that will join the project

1 okt

These people are all geniuses in some field of the experiment that I’m doing. Together they will enable to make the project great.

stormDr. Paul Storm studied biology, cultural antropology and the prehistoric era at the Univeristy of Leiden. He did his PHD on paleo-antropology at the VU university in Amsterdam. Paul will give me advice on what the life of our early ancestors looked like in order to seperate the, as he calls it ‘paleo-fantasy’ from the paleo facts during the year.


CoenCoen Koch from Urban cavemantraining will teach me how to move like a cavewoman. In his trainings he aims to integrate the physical activity of the primal homo sapiens in our modern city life. He believes in our ability to get fit and healthy in a natural way: outdoors and without fitness machines.



Ruth Langemeijer
from Feetback Amsterdam became a barefootrunner after she was told she could never run or cycle again due to an injury. Now she runs half a marathon a month and will train me to run barefoot like we did 40.000 years ago. I love that she keeps calling me ‘Wilma’.


WiesWies Teepe will teach me how to find edible plants in the city. She’s a biologist, nature guide and cook who I met during a radio show about eating from nature in which we were guests. She knew ALL the answers to questions of radio listeners, so I realised she was the one I needed in order not to eat the wrong berries this year.


RaymondRaymond den Boestert will teach me how to tell stories. We didn’t have cinema or literature 40.000 years ago, but we did have language and cavepaintings that show our need for communication. Raymond works for De Vertelacademie and believes stories are still as important today as they were in prehistoric times.


More people might join in later.



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