Last results from 100 days – am I still low in iron and vitamin D?

10 sep

I did a blood test before the 100 days to check my vitamin and mineral levels.  It turned out I was low on iron and Vitamin D.

As you can see in the test sheet below, Iron is supposed to be in between 10-25, and with me it was 9.
Vitamin D is supposed to be between 50-185, and with me it was 46.


vit D


During the 100 days I had a lot of food that is rich in iron, both meat and veggies. Vitamin D is produced by your body under the influence of sunlight. Since hunter-gatherers were outdoors way more than I used to be, I spend much more time outdoors than I did before. I just got the results, and…

My iron is 13 now.
My Vitamin D is even 114,7!

I’m curious to see whether my vitamin D will stay high even in winter time. I will repeat this and a lot more tests before I start the year, halfway in the year, and at the end.

If you have any ideas on which other tests, apart from the blood tests, are interesting, do let me know!

If you’re interested in doing tests yourself, check out Test je gezondheid.




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