Fund before September 1st and I’ll double your donation!

27 aug


Would you like to see what happens to your body if you eat only unprocessed food for a year? And what it’s like if you get to know all the people in your street while living in a big city? And a whole lot of other things?

We raised €6100 so far to make a whole year of the primal living experiment possible. But if we don’t raise €10.000 by 13th of September, our crowdfundsite will automatically transfer all money back the the funders and the project will be canceled. We’ve got 18 days to go – super exciting!!

In order to fasten our end sprint, we’ve got a good deal: I’ll double the amount of whatever you donate before the 1st of September. If you give 7,50, you’ll get the 15 euro e-book, for example. Check out all the gifts!

Any questions or suggestions you can leave here as well. Thanks a lot, everyone who already gave something or is about to do so!

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