Post project test #2: arm wrestling

20 aug

Prior to the project, I wanted to test my muscle strength. So I searched for a strong-looking guy in the streets and asked him whether he wanted to arm wrestle with me. His name was Ruben.

This is what happened:


During the 100 days, I did do some work-out, but not as much as I planned. I had diarrhea in the beginning and was too weak too start. When I did start, after about 6 weeks my gym discovered I was working out barefoot, and this wasn’t allowed. I did a little bit of training outdoors by myself, but this didn’t work so well.
I did see some biceps growth, though. Enough to make a difference? Check out what happened when I met Ruben again after 100 days:


Up next: the official fitness test, and some vitamine and mineral testing.

As I said: I need the year. Check out some of the things I will be doing from September onwards!

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