Post project test 1: climbing my stairs again after 100 days

13 aug

Prior to the 100 days, I climbed my stairs to test my stamina. This is what happened:


During the 100 days, I exercised.
I walked around 10 kilometres barefoot every day. I also did some more training: push-ups, weight lifting, spinning for 15 minutes 3 times a week. However, I did this for 2 months only and quit the last month, as I wasn’t allowed in the gym without shoes, and haven’t managed yet to find an outdoor trainer. So in the past month I only walked and didn’t do any other fysical exercise.

This is what happened when I did the stairs test again this morning:


I’m so happy about it! I will do an official fitness test as well.

And on thursday, I will have test nr. 2: arm wrestling with this pretty muscled guy again, to see how that goes!


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