Is there life after internet?

3 aug

Marianne came by, yesterday evening, to talk about the project. Lately, we’ve been on the phone with each other almost every day, so the last few days were a break in my pattern as well. Drinking some lovely refreshing water with lemon juice (yesterday was the hottest day of the year), she showed me her handwritten article for Filosofie Magazine, which she will ask her mother to type up.

Handwritten article

Marianne is coping well without internet or phone. Of course, there are some difficulties; she slept on her roof the night before, but forgot to take her bedding down the next morning and she wasn’t going to go home until a few days later. Normally, she would call one of her flatmates, but that is not an option now. She’s hoping that she will just find her soaked sheets (there’s a forecast of heavy showers) instead of no sheets at all (the showers will be accompanied by a strong wind).

One of the major advantages of this little offline experiment is a greater sense of calm: starting up your laptop, she said, is just like opening up an enormous to-do-list. It’s not just the emails that you have to deal with, it’s also your Facebook account, your website, twitter accounts etc. Marianne has discovered that, if you’ve committed yourself to a specific amount of time without any internet or phone, and if you’ve had time to prepare yourself for it, it can definitely be a nice break.Marianne with article

Time keeping might not have been Marianne’s strong point in the past (I think she would agree with me and I hope that she won’t mind me writing this, but hey, what are you going to do? You’re not allowed on the internet for a few more days! So there!), but she has noticed that she takes getting on time to appointments a lot more seriously now. There is no way she can let anyone know that she ‘might be running late’, which has really encouraged her to be everywhere on time, early even.

After visiting me, Marianne was trying out something new: going to a person who wasn’t expecting her. Yes, it was ‘just’ her mother, so there wasn’t a huge chance the door would be slammed in her face. However, Marianne had no idea whether her mother was even home! Not having a key, she was mentally preparing herself for sleeping in the garden.

I’m just as curious as you as to what happened! I guess we all have to wait until the Day-100-party (on 8 August at 8 pm in the Erasmuspark in Amsterdam) to find out…

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