The real thing

1 aug


We meet in Wilma’s room, soon-to-be-cave, to talk about the documentary. Our friend Milan from deepeei productions joins us. Wilma is offline and we discuss questions from Hermien, who checks Wilma’s mailbox. What to do with the journalist who wants to publish our press release already?

Wilma borrowed a travel alarm clock from a housemate, carries it in her knapsack. She usually checks the time on her phone or laptop.

The father of her babysit-children isn’t sure whether he needs her services this Friday, so they arrange for him to come by and drop a note in the mailbox if he does. We’re talking about a real paper note here, folks. She finds it great how he takes all this.

Wilma feels as if with strings attached to all her devices. She reaches out and pulls, but nothing’s there. It’s like there’s a party going on that she can’t join. She kind of liked it at first, now she’s just ok with it.

‘I feel obliged to feel really serene’ Wilma’s notebook reads. A lot of people think it’s really great she’s offline for ten days.

The problem with the Monet-painting is solved. She’s doing an interview for an art magazine about it. She’ll write it by hand and deliver it at the magazine offices in person. Let them type it. I observe she’s got a lot of people working for her these days. At first she tried the library for the painting but she only found a Monet-book without one. She will now go to the Stedelijk museum to take a look at the real thing.

It was good to hear these stories from her in person and not from facebook.


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