Last rule: no phone or internet for 10 days

28 jul

This tuesday onwards I won’t be using internet or a phone for 10 days.


Before digital detox.

What I will do during this digital detox:

  • I´ll go to friends without knowing if they’re home and if they feel like seeing me. I don’t know about your country but in the Netherlands this is quite unusual.
  • I´ll write an article by hand for my regular work at Filosofie Magazine. I will ask a friend to type my handwritten article and I’ll go by the office, something I never do as a freelancer, to hand it in.
  •  I´ll have to find other ways of entertaining myself, as I might say that internet is about 50% 90% of my entertainment.
  • I´ll go by a friend for her birthday instead of leaving her a Facebook message.
What about Wilma me

After digital detox (without the shoes :-))


What will be most difficult:

I think I will struggle most with being bored, feeling lonely, and being frustrated that I can’t look up ANY kind of information (Oh right! A library! I will rent a CD to check who J.J. Cale was again).

But I might also feel calmer, more connected to people, I might be getting more fresh air and have less tired eyes..Let´s see.




How will you know what happens in the 10 days?

What about Wilma Hermien Lankhorst


Well, my team will tell you! I have 3 guest writers: Hermien, Gent and Merijn. They have made What about Wilma as awesome as it is and they are one of the greatest people on the planet.



During the 10 days I´ll have meetings with all 3 guest writers and they tell you what’s going on by writing a post for this blog.

I won’t be on Twitter, but I’ll ask people that I meet to write a Tweet about the latest news.

And: if you manage to take a picture of me during the 10 days, you can send it to and it will be posted here as well.

2 days to go..until that time I´m probably online permanently to make sure I´m digitally toxified enough.


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