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Test #3 fitness

29 sep

  Before the year I scored ok-ish in the fitness test. I was kind of an average starter. This week I did all the tests again. I’m really excited about the result, because the improvement was MAJOR! For example: the shuttle run test, that measures your stamina. I did almost TWICE AS GOOD as in […]

Test #2: blood, eyes, and mental tests

22 sep

Eye vision This wasn’t an official test for the year, but I happened to get an eye test and was quite surprised to hear that my sight improved this year! My prescription used to be -2,75 and now it’s -2,25. I can’t say for sure whether this is due to living more healthily.. Mental tests […]

Test #1 What a year of barefoot walking did with my feet

18 sep

A year ago podologist Vroenhoven told me I walk too much on the outer sides of my feet. And that if I kept walking barefoot, I might start feeling that in my forefoot, achilles heel, hips, or back. I was a little worried hearing this back then. What happened in the year that followed? I […]

Minimal shoes test for barefoot experience: Feelmax Aapa

3 sep

Want to enjoy the advantages of running or walking barefoot, but prefer some protection? Minimal shoes might be your new best friend. I’ve tried this Finnish brand called Feelmax.   I prefer running barefoot, but when doing other kinds of outdoor training in winter time sometimes I need more warmth. I tried the Feelmax Aapa […]