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Test #4: am I fit enough to climb a tree?

4 okt

Coen Koch from Urban Caveman training took me to the Westerpark and the Houthaven port to do tests that will give an idea of my current fitness: my balance, coordination, strength, endurance, stamina..everything was tested with what we found in the area, like benches, a tree, a log lying around. As I had not seen […]

Test #3: at the podologist

3 okt

I walk too much on the outer sides of my feet. Podologist Vroenhoeven could tell from some extra developed muscles in my feet that compensate for this, and he made a print of my feet that confirmed it. He thinks that in time I might start feeling that higher in my body: in my hips, […]

Test #2: what the blood says

2 okt

For the interpretation of my blood tests I went to see Doctor Kingma from Oosteinde Walborg Kliniek in Amsterdam who is specialised in check-ups, allergies, weight loss and more. A friend of mine recommended him as being interested in the effects of the paleo diet. As I could see from the results myself as well, my […]

Test #1: my mental state

1 okt

I never dared to do an IQ test because I’m scared of those assignments with lots of geometrical figures that require spatial abilities. Luckily for me, in this project only aspects that might change over the year are interesting to measure. I don’t think my IQ is one of them. So I tested my level […]

Crowdfunding halfway video!

21 aug

If you haven’t seen the crowdfundpage about the year, check it out! We raised €5300 so far thanks to a lot of dedicated, curious and courageous people! This is too thank you all and to show some of the gifts people send me: Here you can leave your suggestions for the year. In the meantime […]

Movie review: Quest for fire

15 aug

Early humans didn’t know how to start a fire. In Quest for Fire (1981), a group of Neanderthals loses the fire they’ve kept burning for years. Three men are send out to search for new flames. On their way they run into a female homo sapiens, a Cro-Magnon, which is the type of human I’m […]

Preparation for the project (2)

6 mei

Dandruff, dark under eye circles, being scared of the dark..I made a list of all discomforts of my body and mind. I discuss them shortly in this video. (If sound is not synchronised properly: I just bought a new SD-card so next video will be GOOD). I also documented my body by taking close-up pictures […]

Preparation for the project (1)

1 mei

I did several tests in order to document the state of my body and mind at the beginning of the 100 days. I will repeat those test in 100 days and some of them will be repeated more often. Fitness I did an official fitness test that also shows my weight, fatpercentage and so on. […]