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A dreadful digital detox

15 jan

  From the beginning of this project, people laughed when I said I was blogging about living like a cavewoman. So I promised I would go offline ánd without a phone for 30 days. ‘It can’t be that hard’, I thought. My flatmate is happy to borrow my laptop, as hers is broken. For me […]

New rule week 7: no clock for 14 days

25 nov

  If I’m very tired in the evening, the first thing I do is to check the time. I want to know whether I’m allowed to go to bed. If I’m hungry, the first thing I do is to check the time. I want to know if I’m allowed to eat. And if I’m at […]

10 day digital detox – what it’s like

10 aug

These are the results of the 10 days without phone and internet. And a small celebration as it is day 100!

Is there life after internet?

3 aug

Handwritten article

Marianne came by, yesterday evening, to talk about the project. Lately, we’ve been on the phone with each other almost every day, so the last few days were a break in my pattern as well. Drinking some lovely refreshing water with lemon juice (yesterday was the hottest day of the year), she showed me her […]

The real thing

1 aug

We meet in Wilma’s room, soon-to-be-cave, to talk about the documentary. Our friend Milan from deepeei productions joins us. Wilma is offline and we discuss questions from Hermien, who checks Wilma’s mailbox. What to do with the journalist who wants to publish our press release already? Wilma borrowed a travel alarm clock from a housemate, […]

New week, change of rule: when did cavemen sleep?

24 jun

I made a mistake. I thought hunter-gatherers went to sleep when the sun goes down, and got up at dawn. For the last month this meant that my sleeping hours got less and less, until there were about 5,5 hours left. By that time I felt sleepy all the time. Journalists started mentioning my ‘deep […]

What you miss when you’re indoors all day

11 jun

First morning after I introduced the rule of being outdoors 5 hours a day. I went to sit on my roof terrace at 7 a.m. and saw this: My housemate thinks they are jackdows:

New rule week 6: being outdoors for 5 hours a day.

10 jun

Three quarters of US adults and teens are too low in Vitamin D, research published in Scientific American says. I got myself tested prior to this experiment, and I’m also below the minimal amounts that one needs. We get this vitamin partly from our diet but mainly from sunlight. Assuming hunter-gatherers were outdoors more than […]