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Test results: water best alternative for toilet paper

24 jul

  For 10 days I tried several alternatives for toilet paper. Partly because Wilma would not have used toilet paper. But also because it felt like a waist, and I wanted to see if it is possible to do something different.  In  an earlier post you can read how much trees an average person uses […]

Results from cavelab week 9 – bye bye fungus nail!

4 jul

I had one fungus toe nail before I started this project. It looked like this: Not so sexy. This is what the chemist recommended for the fungus nail. The prescription says it can’t be used for kids under 4 (which makes me suspicious) and it can cause allergic reactions. It needs to be used for […]

New rule week 9: no more toilet paper? – part 1

1 jul

‘Wilma doesn’t use toilet paper. So how are you going to do that?’ I got that question a lot. I postponed the decision. Until I started to notice how little garbage I have now. And how nice it feels that I’m using less water as I shower shortly. It made me wonder how much toilet […]

Do you need shampoo? Results from cavelab week 6

12 jun

Western women spend 25.000 euro on hairproducts in their lives. The last 43 days all I used was cold water to rinse my hair every now and then. What’s the result?

Results from cavelab week 4

29 mei

Diving into diarrhea (the topic, that is) Life as a cavewoman is usually totally sexy. Having had diarrhea for 3 weeks now is a big brown exception to this. Last sunday I decided I had to do something if I didn’t want to dehydrate and lose all my minerals. My favourite type So first of […]

Too smelly for a date? Results from cavelab week 2

15 mei

The smelling panel smellt me 9 hours after I washed myself. I didn’t use deodorant.