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A dreadful digital detox

15 jan

  From the beginning of this project, people laughed when I said I was blogging about living like a cavewoman. So I promised I would go offline ánd without a phone for 30 days. ‘It can’t be that hard’, I thought. My flatmate is happy to borrow my laptop, as hers is broken. For me […]

Results from cavelab wk 3: Less scared of the dark

25 okt

Last rule: no phone or internet for 10 days

28 jul

This tuesday onwards I won’t be using internet or a phone for 10 days. What I will do during this digital detox: I´ll go to friends without knowing if they’re home and if they feel like seeing me. I don’t know about your country but in the Netherlands this is quite unusual. I´ll write an […]

Day 19. Low point. Violins, please.

19 mei

*the day after* After a low, there’s usually learning. So these 3 things I learned after yesterdays sobby moment: 1) I’m not responsible for other people’s uneasyness. Not when it comes to barefootwalking, nor when it comes to other things in which I might be ‘different’. 2) Despite of people’s uneasyness I do want to […]