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International barefoot friday at the office. Check the pics!

19 jul

Results from cavelab week 9 – bye bye fungus nail!

4 jul

I had one fungus toe nail before I started this project. It looked like this: Not so sexy. This is what the chemist recommended for the fungus nail. The prescription says it can’t be used for kids under 4 (which makes me suspicious) and it can cause allergic reactions. It needs to be used for […]

Barefootrunning day 3 – video

22 jun

The running is going fine, although I feel my calves sometimes, which wouldn’t happen if I would do the barefoot running technique perfect. You’re supposed to ask more of your hips and upper leg muscles and less of those easily injured calves..

First time running barefoot in Amsterdam

18 jun

I had to start with only a couple of minutes, but it was already so much fun! Now I understand how some people are overdoing it: it’s addictive. p.s. Should have shot the video differently but I was focused on CHASING that rabbit!

New rule week 7: run barefoot

17 jun

  ‘By landing on the middle or front of the foot, barefoot runners have almost no impact collision, much less than most shod runners generate when they heel-strike’ .   This is what professor of human evolutionary biology Daniel E. Lieberman says. And there’s more research about the pros (and some cons) of barefootrunning. But […]

First push-ups

25 mei

Not bad, given the fact that the universe gave me PUDDING instead of arm muscles.  

3 tips for barefootwalking for virgins – Results from cavelab week 3

23 mei

What it’s like to walk barefoot in Amsterdam (video)

4 mei