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Test #3 fitness

29 sep

  Before the year I scored ok-ish in the fitness test. I was kind of an average starter. This week I did all the tests again. I’m really excited about the result, because the improvement was MAJOR! For example: the shuttle run test, that measures your stamina. I did almost TWICE AS GOOD as in […]

Test #1 What a year of barefoot walking did with my feet

18 sep

A year ago podologist Vroenhoven told me I walk too much on the outer sides of my feet. And that if I kept walking barefoot, I might start feeling that in my forefoot, achilles heel, hips, or back. I was a little worried hearing this back then. What happened in the year that followed? I […]

Minimal shoes test for barefoot experience: Feelmax Aapa

3 sep

Want to enjoy the advantages of running or walking barefoot, but prefer some protection? Minimal shoes might be your new best friend. I’ve tried this Finnish brand called Feelmax.   I prefer running barefoot, but when doing other kinds of outdoor training in winter time sometimes I need more warmth. I tried the Feelmax Aapa […]

New rule: training barefoot for official run

19 mei

 Why run barefoot? I like running barefoot because it gives a sense of freedom, the kind that you may have experienced when taking of your shoes on a beach walk. After my feet got stronger it became really pleasant for my skin to feel the ground. And I haven’t suffered from my knee, like I […]

How to create a (trial) standing desk

5 mrt

Ergonomics you might want to take into account:  You can use whatever you have: books, boxes, drawer units, book shelves, cats…               

New habit: why sitting less is healthy

4 mrt

How many hours a day do you sit? If you usually sit over 6 hours a day you might want to hear the benefits of standing more. I’ve asked paleo-anthropologist Paul Storm and there’s no definite proof about how much we sat as hunter-gatherers. Looking at contemporary hunter-gatherers though, I think it’s safe to say […]

I’m wearing shoes again

10 dec

Last week, after some cold days, two of my toes started to act weirdly. They are swollen and they haven’t gotten back to normal. It’s not serious, they don’t hurt, but I noticed how fast this goes without really noticing, as you start to feel less when it gets cold. It made me realise I […]

Results from cavelab: hoe cold is barefoot walking in autumn?

14 nov

Post project test #2: arm wrestling

20 aug

Prior to the project, I wanted to test my muscle strength. So I searched for a strong-looking guy in the streets and asked him whether he wanted to arm wrestle with me. His name was Ruben. This is what happened:   During the 100 days, I did do some work-out, but not as much as […]

Post project test 1: climbing my stairs again after 100 days

13 aug

Prior to the 100 days, I climbed my stairs to test my stamina. This is what happened:   During the 100 days, I exercised. I walked around 10 kilometres barefoot every day. I also did some more training: push-ups, weight lifting, spinning for 15 minutes 3 times a week. However, I did this for 2 […]