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Results from Cavelab: 8 edible plants in my street (and 1 horrible cook)

30 okt

This is my street in the West of Amsterdam. It used to be an ordinary passage to the foodstore for me, but after my walk here with urban food finder Wies Teepe, I learned that it’s a culinary walhalla itself! I gathered 8 edible things here and prepared two dishes with it. 1. Gathering 1) […]

New rule week 4: finding paleo food in stores

28 okt

As I won’t be able to find all my food from foresting in the city, I’d like to find out where in Amsterdam the best paleo food can be bought. These are the food items I will hunt for at the local store and online: Fish: which fish is caught in the wild and least […]

Results from cavelab wk 1: what I gathered in the same time it takes me to shop

16 okt

  This week my goal was to find food without consulting edible plant expert Wies Teepe.  My first test was to see if I could find a meal in my neighbourhood in Amsterdam in twenty minutes, the time it usually takes to buy my groceries for a meal at the local supermarket. I would not […]

Which fruits and veggies existed in prehistoric times?

2 sep

There are no cave paintings with fruits and veggies. If the paintings we found are to be seen as a menu card, you’d think we only had horses, bisons and deers and other big animals at prehistoric dinner time. But obviously we do not know what the intention behind the cave paintings was, whether they […]

New rule week 12: eating grass fed meat

22 jul

  If you start googling eating paleo (ADDICTION ALARM, ADDICTION ALARM) you stumble across the word ‘grass fed meat’ pretty soon. What’s that? Aren’t ALL cows eating grass? And weren’t we already health- and environmental heroes if we ate organic meat? The difference between organic meat and grassfed meat (Dutch: ‘wild vlees’ of ‘grasgevoerd vlees’) […]

#2 in the carnival of offal eating: kidneys

19 jun

  If you fry kidneys, it smells like someone took a piss in your pan. I’m telling you right away because I wish someone would have warned me before I tried the second one in this offal-series. Nothing prepares you for the smell, because when you take the kidneys out of their package, they look […]

Results from cavelab week 4

29 mei

Diving into diarrhea (the topic, that is) Life as a cavewoman is usually totally sexy. Having had diarrhea for 3 weeks now is a big brown exception to this. Last sunday I decided I had to do something if I didn’t want to dehydrate and lose all my minerals. My favourite type So first of […]

Why our ancestors loved organ meat

16 mei

 Because organs are yummie! No. Sorry. It’s because they are so nutrient dense. Liver for example has higher levels of almost all nutrients below compared to apple and meat – even vitamine C. I highlighted some interesting differences. APPLE (100 g) CARROTS (100 g) RED MEAT (100 g) BEEF LIVER (100 g) Calcium 3.0 mg […]

First results from the cavelab. Check video!

10 mei

In which there is food everywhere (in the air, in my hair, on my shoulder) BUT my stomach. p.s. Videos will be shorter from now on. Promise.