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Why I’ll eat less meat than paleo diet says

15 apr

Paleo-antropologist Paul Storm says it’s hard to say how much meat we used to eat in prehistoric times. We only know that the colder the region, the larger the amounts. Even though the contemporary paleo diet emphasizes to adjust things to your own body, most sample menus recommend eating meat every day, even the one […]

The – ‘I wish I had a penis’ – PMS relief.

9 apr

When I have PMS I usually take it out on my plants as I’m too polite to abuse other people. But buying new plants every month is no fun either. So  if you don’t want to use birth control pills and such, there are several natural ways to feel relaxed and lessen cramps, of which […]

Mental and physical results of fasting seven days

17 mrt

  What I did I’ve fasted for seven days, the first two I only drank water and the four remaining days I took juices. Before fasting you usually take a week to prepare your body by leaving out any animal products. After the fast you need to build up your diet again by adding more […]

5 reasons why insects are healthy

12 feb

Since there are so many species of insects it’s hard to say in general what their nutritional value is. A little like trying to say something about the nutritional value of veggies in general. But still there are some things one can say about what makes them a healthy option. 1. High in protein If […]

How to prepare grasshoppers: ginger & lime marinade in salad

10 feb

Freeze dried Grasshoppers are ok to eat without any preparation as you may have seen in this video, but they are a little dry. I have a cookbook with some recipes, but none of them are paleo – lots of pastas and such. But I did find a great idea for a marinade in it, […]

Test: the best tasting insect (video)

3 feb

  If you’d like to buy edible insects, you can check Insectable, that’s where I got them.

The edible insects have arrived!

27 jan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I keep thinking they might start moving – so far in the process these fellows still give me the creeps. But I’m also starting to get curious to find out about the taste of the buffalo worms, grasshoppers and meal worms. And somehow it puts me at ease to know that they are cultivated […]

New rule week 15: eating insects

21 jan

There are 1400 kinds of insects that are edible for us humans. I’ve never tried one, but it’s quite likely that hunter-gatherers did. This week I will be nibbling on some of our tiny friends and see if they are tasty, healthy and a sustainable alternative for other kinds of food. Last Friday the Dutch […]

Results from cavelab: bone marrow could be the new caviar

27 nov

A week ago it seemed like dog food to me, but now I’m convinced bone marrow might become the new fancy party snack. If not, it’s at least really healthy and the most easy to prepare of all offal foods. First of all, these are some of the health benefits of bone marrow: *It helps […]

Which fruits and veggies are most important to eat organic?

5 nov

If you want to eat like our ancestors did for health reasons, should your fruits and veggies be organic? A Stanford meta analysis of 237 studies shows there is hardly any proof of health benefits of organic food when it comes to their nutritional value,  ‘though consumption of organic food can reduce the risk of […]