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Who would like to edit the monthly What about Wilma video?

29 jan

Call for help from the prehistoric era: who would like to edit the monthly What about Wilma video? I’m looking for someone who knows how/has the tools to make smooth transitions and add pictures or music so the videos will be more informative & entertaining. The frequency will be about once a month and the […]

Check my TEdx talk about living like a cavewoman

17 jan

The Tedx challenge

23 nov

You probably know the concept of Tedx Talks and maybe you were even there to see mine yesterday in Leiden. This was right after my talk: The Tedx video itself will be published here later, but if you were there you already know that I gave a challenge to you all at the end of […]

The experts that will join the project

1 okt

These people are all geniuses in some field of the experiment that I’m doing. Together they will enable to make the project great. Dr. Paul Storm studied biology, cultural antropology and the prehistoric era at the Univeristy of Leiden. He did his PHD on paleo-antropology at the VU university in Amsterdam. Paul will give me […]

We made it! €10.000 was crowdfunded by you!!

12 sep

  I just saw that we made it! Thanks to 183 fantastic funders… Here’s my thank you video:     You can still join in, we’ve got 46 hours left until Friday the 13th. Actually if you live in The Netherlands, it’s even Saturday morning 9.30, as Indiegogo uses the time zone of the West […]

Fund before September 1st and I’ll double your donation!

27 aug

Would you like to see what happens to your body if you eat only unprocessed food for a year? And what it’s like if you get to know all the people in your street while living in a big city? And a whole lot of other things? We raised €6100 so far to make a […]

Movie review: Quest for fire

15 aug

Early humans didn’t know how to start a fire. In Quest for Fire (1981), a group of Neanderthals loses the fire they’ve kept burning for years. Three men are send out to search for new flames. On their way they run into a female homo sapiens, a Cro-Magnon, which is the type of human I’m […]

100 days past – but there’s a new project!

10 aug

The 100 days have been quite a succes: lot’s of interesting results, lot’s of lovely followers, and lot’s of fun. But it is not over! There are exciting things to come: 1) Results. As you might have read in the preparation section, prior to the 100 days I’ve done a fitness test, I arm wrestled with […]

Come to the DAY 100 party at 8th of August!

28 jul

day 100 barefoot at the park party Have a drink and meet me and other followers! Thursday 8th of August 8 p.m. Erasmuspark Amsterdam Bring some drinks, I´ll have paleo snacks.  

Do this project for a year? That’s right: A YEAR.

26 jun