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Post project test #2: arm wrestling

20 aug

Prior to the project, I wanted to test my muscle strength. So I searched for a strong-looking guy in the streets and asked him whether he wanted to arm wrestle with me. His name was Ruben. This is what happened:   During the 100 days, I did do some work-out, but not as much as […]

Post project test 1: climbing my stairs again after 100 days

13 aug

Prior to the 100 days, I climbed my stairs to test my stamina. This is what happened:   During the 100 days, I exercised. I walked around 10 kilometres barefoot every day. I also did some more training: push-ups, weight lifting, spinning for 15 minutes 3 times a week. However, I did this for 2 […]

10 day digital detox – what it’s like

10 aug

These are the results of the 10 days without phone and internet. And a small celebration as it is day 100!

Is there life after internet?

3 aug

Handwritten article

Marianne came by, yesterday evening, to talk about the project. Lately, we’ve been on the phone with each other almost every day, so the last few days were a break in my pattern as well. Drinking some lovely refreshing water with lemon juice (yesterday was the hottest day of the year), she showed me her […]

The real thing

1 aug

We meet in Wilma’s room, soon-to-be-cave, to talk about the documentary. Our friend Milan from deepeei productions joins us. Wilma is offline and we discuss questions from Hermien, who checks Wilma’s mailbox. What to do with the journalist who wants to publish our press release already? Wilma borrowed a travel alarm clock from a housemate, […]

Test results: water best alternative for toilet paper

24 jul

  For 10 days I tried several alternatives for toilet paper. Partly because Wilma would not have used toilet paper. But also because it felt like a waist, and I wanted to see if it is possible to do something different.  In  an earlier post you can read how much trees an average person uses […]

Results from cavelab week 9 – bye bye fungus nail!

4 jul

I had one fungus toe nail before I started this project. It looked like this: Not so sexy. This is what the chemist recommended for the fungus nail. The prescription says it can’t be used for kids under 4 (which makes me suspicious) and it can cause allergic reactions. It needs to be used for […]

Barefootrunning day 3 – video

22 jun

The running is going fine, although I feel my calves sometimes, which wouldn’t happen if I would do the barefoot running technique perfect. You’re supposed to ask more of your hips and upper leg muscles and less of those easily injured calves..

#2 in the carnival of offal eating: kidneys

19 jun

  If you fry kidneys, it smells like someone took a piss in your pan. I’m telling you right away because I wish someone would have warned me before I tried the second one in this offal-series. Nothing prepares you for the smell, because when you take the kidneys out of their package, they look […]

First time running barefoot in Amsterdam

18 jun

I had to start with only a couple of minutes, but it was already so much fun! Now I understand how some people are overdoing it: it’s addictive. p.s. Should have shot the video differently but I was focused on CHASING that rabbit!