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Test #2: blood, eyes, and mental tests

22 sep

Eye vision This wasn’t an official test for the year, but I happened to get an eye test and was quite surprised to hear that my sight improved this year! My prescription used to be -2,75 and now it’s -2,25. I can’t say for sure whether this is due to living more healthily.. Mental tests […]

Test #1 What a year of barefoot walking did with my feet

18 sep

A year ago podologist Vroenhoven told me I walk too much on the outer sides of my feet. And that if I kept walking barefoot, I might start feeling that in my forefoot, achilles heel, hips, or back. I was a little worried hearing this back then. What happened in the year that followed? I […]

Mental and physical results of fasting seven days

17 mrt

  What I did I’ve fasted for seven days, the first two I only drank water and the four remaining days I took juices. Before fasting you usually take a week to prepare your body by leaving out any animal products. After the fast you need to build up your diet again by adding more […]

A dreadful digital detox

15 jan

  From the beginning of this project, people laughed when I said I was blogging about living like a cavewoman. So I promised I would go offline ánd without a phone for 30 days. ‘It can’t be that hard’, I thought. My flatmate is happy to borrow my laptop, as hers is broken. For me […]

Results from cavelab: bone marrow could be the new caviar

27 nov

A week ago it seemed like dog food to me, but now I’m convinced bone marrow might become the new fancy party snack. If not, it’s at least really healthy and the most easy to prepare of all offal foods. First of all, these are some of the health benefits of bone marrow: *It helps […]

Results from cavelab: hoe cold is barefoot walking in autumn?

14 nov

Results from Cavelab: 8 edible plants in my street (and 1 horrible cook)

30 okt

This is my street in the West of Amsterdam. It used to be an ordinary passage to the foodstore for me, but after my walk here with urban food finder Wies Teepe, I learned that it’s a culinary walhalla itself! I gathered 8 edible things here and prepared two dishes with it. 1. Gathering 1) […]

Results from cavelab wk 3: Less scared of the dark

25 okt

Results from cavelab wk 1: what I gathered in the same time it takes me to shop

16 okt

  This week my goal was to find food without consulting edible plant expert Wies Teepe.  My first test was to see if I could find a meal in my neighbourhood in Amsterdam in twenty minutes, the time it usually takes to buy my groceries for a meal at the local supermarket. I would not […]

Last results from 100 days – am I still low in iron and vitamin D?

10 sep

I did a blood test before the 100 days to check my vitamin and mineral levels.  It turned out I was low on iron and Vitamin D. As you can see in the test sheet below, Iron is supposed to be in between 10-25, and with me it was 9. Vitamin D is supposed to […]