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New rule week 7: no clock for 14 days

25 nov

  If I’m very tired in the evening, the first thing I do is to check the time. I want to know whether I’m allowed to go to bed. If I’m hungry, the first thing I do is to check the time. I want to know if I’m allowed to eat. And if I’m at […]

New rule week 6: eat bone marrow

18 nov

If you let a dog choose which part of a dead animal to eat first, apparently the part he will go far straight away is the marrow – followed by liver and heart. He’ll leave the muscle meat for last. A certain type of deliberately made fractures has shown that hunter-gatherers ate bone marrow a […]

New rule week 4: finding paleo food in stores

28 okt

As I won’t be able to find all my food from foresting in the city, I’d like to find out where in Amsterdam the best paleo food can be bought. These are the food items I will hunt for at the local store and online: Fish: which fish is caught in the wild and least […]

New rule wk 3: working out like a hunter-gatherer

21 okt

How did cavemen move? There are a number of things that we know. I won’t apply everything this week, but I will start with the following 3 elements: 1. Walking. Depending on where hunter-gatherers lived and the time of the year, the average daily distances covered were in the range of 6 to 16 km. […]

New rule week 1: find edible plants & meat in the city without expert

7 okt

This first week of the year will start with quite a challenge I think: to find food in my own neighbourhood without consulting any experts. And by food I mean both plants and meat – whether that’s insects or road meat. Just to give you an impression of my knowledge of edible plants right now: […]

Last rule: no phone or internet for 10 days

28 jul

This tuesday onwards I won’t be using internet or a phone for 10 days. What I will do during this digital detox: I´ll go to friends without knowing if they’re home and if they feel like seeing me. I don’t know about your country but in the Netherlands this is quite unusual. I´ll write an […]

New rule week 12: eating grass fed meat

22 jul

  If you start googling eating paleo (ADDICTION ALARM, ADDICTION ALARM) you stumble across the word ‘grass fed meat’ pretty soon. What’s that? Aren’t ALL cows eating grass? And weren’t we already health- and environmental heroes if we ate organic meat? The difference between organic meat and grassfed meat (Dutch: ‘wild vlees’ of ‘grasgevoerd vlees’) […]

New rule week 10: no toilet paper. Not a sheet.

8 jul

Last week I announced that I wanted to go to the toilet Paleolithic style. That is: the toilet I already have in my appartment, but without the toilet paper. I said I wanted to do some research on what early homo sapiens did after defecating. Did we use water? Leaves? Nothing? I went to the […]

New rule week 9: no more toilet paper? – part 1

1 jul

‘Wilma doesn’t use toilet paper. So how are you going to do that?’ I got that question a lot. I postponed the decision. Until I started to notice how little garbage I have now. And how nice it feels that I’m using less water as I shower shortly. It made me wonder how much toilet […]

New week, change of rule: when did cavemen sleep?

24 jun

I made a mistake. I thought hunter-gatherers went to sleep when the sun goes down, and got up at dawn. For the last month this meant that my sleeping hours got less and less, until there were about 5,5 hours left. By that time I felt sleepy all the time. Journalists started mentioning my ‘deep […]