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New rule: training barefoot for official run

19 mei

 Why run barefoot? I like running barefoot because it gives a sense of freedom, the kind that you may have experienced when taking of your shoes on a beach walk. After my feet got stronger it became really pleasant for my skin to feel the ground. And I haven’t suffered from my knee, like I […]


5 mei

Using soft toilet paper is worse than driving a hummer in terms of carbon footprint. So this week I’m campaigning for a more natural solution that I’ve tested for almost a year now. Why toilet paper is evil 1. Production, wrapping, shipping Production, wrapping and shipping makes using especially soft toilet paper worse than driving […]

Why I’ll eat less meat than paleo diet says

15 apr

Paleo-antropologist Paul Storm says it’s hard to say how much meat we used to eat in prehistoric times. We only know that the colder the region, the larger the amounts. Even though the contemporary paleo diet emphasizes to adjust things to your own body, most sample menus recommend eating meat every day, even the one […]

How to create a natural perfume or massage oil

1 apr

If you’re like me and you don’t like strong, chemical perfumes, but you do wanna smell nice, blending essential oils might be interesting for you. It’s a lot harder than I thought to get a  nice scent, but I figured out a short cut that takes only 3 minutes! I’ll give the long version as […]

The 5 best prehistoric beauty products

24 mrt

If you want to be clean and pretty by using products that: -contain nothing more than natural ingredients -you can create at home within 5 minutes -are cheaper than the store bought product stay tuned. In Paleolithic times we already used beauty products: fossil combs, make-up residue and teeth-cleaning tools have been found. Besides, there […]

Will I go barefoot again or not? + solution for every identity crisis

12 mrt

Last couple of days I really felt like going barefoot again, but didn’t have enough courage yet. Today I feel like I do have the energy to answer/ignore questions I get about it. But. I wanna do it differently than the 7 months I went barefoot last year. I think I’ve tested long enough to […]

New habit: why sitting less is healthy

4 mrt

How many hours a day do you sit? If you usually sit over 6 hours a day you might want to hear the benefits of standing more. I’ve asked paleo-anthropologist Paul Storm and there’s no definite proof about how much we sat as hunter-gatherers. Looking at contemporary hunter-gatherers though, I think it’s safe to say […]

New rule week 15: eating insects

21 jan

There are 1400 kinds of insects that are edible for us humans. I’ve never tried one, but it’s quite likely that hunter-gatherers did. This week I will be nibbling on some of our tiny friends and see if they are tasty, healthy and a sustainable alternative for other kinds of food. Last Friday the Dutch […]

I’m wearing shoes again

10 dec

Last week, after some cold days, two of my toes started to act weirdly. They are swollen and they haven’t gotten back to normal. It’s not serious, they don’t hurt, but I noticed how fast this goes without really noticing, as you start to feel less when it gets cold. It made me realise I […]

30 days without phone and computer

9 dec

Of all Europeans, the Dutch spend the most time online, by visiting an average of  3515 pages per person each month. Last summer I wanted to know what it’s like to be without Facebook and Google, so I had a period without phone or internet, a digital detox as they call it. That had some […]